CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

To build a farm community around shared values, including the desire for locally-sourced food, is a powerful concept that can lead to healthier and more empowered lives.

You may pay for the entire CSA season up front by Venmo, Zelle, cash, or check made out to Maranatha Farm, with a 10% discount applied to the total when you pay by the end of January. 

We also now offer a weekly recurring subscription, paid for by credit card.


Below is an overview of what you will receive as a member of the Maranatha Greens Spring/Summer CSA, which will start in late March, and run until mid-July with a total of 17 weekly deliveries. Our produce is harvested just a few days prior to you receiving it at one of our delivery locations. 

You can allow us to choose your produce, or select the Member's Choice option where you pick from a list of what is fresh each week. All CSA plans are available with weekly or every-other-week (bi-weekly) deliveries from March through July. 

We currently have free weekly deliveries available in Slaughter, Central, Gonzales, and throughout Baton Rouge. We can also arrange home delivery for an additional charge, and bring your produce to your residence at a convenient time. Call Justin at 225-907-9812 if you have any questions based on your location.

Current 2024 Delivery/Pick-up Locations

  1. Maranatha Farm near Zachary SATURDAY after 3pm
  2. First New Testament Church, 3235 Aubin Lane, Baton Rouge, SUNDAY, 12:40-1pm
  3. Broadmoor (458 N. Parkview Place) SUNDAY, 2:30-3pm
  4. Ann Connelly Fine Art, near Towne Center, MONDAY, 10-11am
  5. Woodlawn Baptist Church in Shenandoah, MONDAY, 4-4:30pm
  6. LSU Veterinary School, MONDAY, 12:00-3pm
  7. Rouses Market, Gonzales MONDAY, 2:30pm
  8. Old Paths Natural Market in Central, TUESDAY, 3:00-6pm

(****Home delivery also available for an additional charge)

Small Share (starting at $28.00/week)

For those of you who love farm-fresh produce but are new to the CSA model, you may want to go with the SMALL SHARE.  It has been designed for individuals or smaller families who mainly use their veggies in cooked recipes and salads.  You will receive 5 different types of vegetables (our choice) at each delivery along with instruction on how to prepare and store each item so you can get the most benefit out of your membership.

Full Share (starting at $36/week)

For those families who want to consume larger amounts of fresh veggies each day, you may want to select the FULL SHARE.  It will offer you the greatest variety of vegetables and microgreens - 7-9 different types (our choice) at each delivery - with the added value of our website and weekly emails teaching you the ways in which you can use and store each item.

The CSA Model

The CSA farming model has only existed in North America for the past 30 years, but it has gained great popularity among small farms in the northeast and west coast during that time. 

The concept is a bit more rare in the Deep South, just like small-scale farms with organic growing standards. But we believe the tide is beginning to turn.

Our seasonal CSA program is the primary way Maranatha Farm brings its fresh produce directly to the local consumer. 

Members of the Maranatha Greens CSA receive an allotment of fresh produce each week, consisting of that which was just harvested and washed at our farm in Slaughter, LA.