Meet the Farmers!


Justin is country as a turnip green and has loved farming most of his life. He has an extensive wealth of knowledge in regards to market gardening and soil microbiology - seriosuly, ask him anything about it! Justin runs the rodeo here at Maranatha Farm with grace and creativity. When he is not at the farm working, he is hunting or fishing or making those folks around him laugh.


Born and raised in a small town, Jojo has always loved the outdoors. She grew up playing in the woods with her little brother pretending to be a farmer, warrior, carpenter, and many other things. Her favorite hobby is to collect hobbies - jack of all trades right? Jojo believes that eating foods that are as organic and natural as possible is the secret to living a healthy life - extra bonus if it's locally grown and raised! If you can't find her at the farm, she's in a thrift store somewhere hunting a jackpot.